Customized Equipment

Thermal Desorption
Unit TDU

With our  Thermal Desorption system, hydrocarbons are separated from the solids in the sludge. The treated solids/sludge may have zero residual hydrocarbons, resulting in an end product that can be disposed cost-effectively without harming environment.

Technology overcomes many of the disadvantages associated with mechanical and other thermal technologies for desorption of hydrocarbons. Thermal process chamber is designed to have a large open capacity with low vapor exit velocity. By minimizing particulate in the vapor stream the recovered hydrocarbons are clean and can be used as fuel to heat the system or resold.


The materials the system can process

Our Thermal Desorption Systems which can be used to process various materials. Specific design of the system depends not only on your technological requirements but also environmental regulations as well as local and company requirements.

  • Drilling Cuttings
  • Hydrocarbon contaminated soil
  • Soil fraction after processing sludge on centrifuge
  • Sediments from oil and bunker oil tank
  • Spend catalyst used in oil refineries