Our processes for cleaning and finishing the interior and exterior surfaces of tubes and pressure vessels are tailored specifically for electronic-grade, ultra-high purity (UHP), and specialty gas products that demand the highest levels of product cleanliness, surface finish, and purity. Our dedicated staff treats electronic-grade gas equipment with the care and special treatment it requires and you deserve! we offer multiple quality control procedures to confirm product cleanliness, including analysis to comply with military contracts. If your tubes get contaminated, we can also offer our services to remove the contaminants, including baking in our heat treatment furnace! Internal and external cleaning and quality control processes includes

  • Internal polishing
  • Automated, internal cleaning & drying
  • Oxygen cleaning
  • De-ionized water flushing
  • Steam cleaning
  • Internal and external shotblasting
  • Solvent rinses
  • Oven baking to remove contaminants
  • Internal and external coating
  • Non-volatile residue (NVR) analysis
  • Particulate counts
  • Profilometer gauge to measure surface finish (Ra)
  • Coating thickness measurements
  • Anchor profile measurements

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