High-quality equipment and decades of experience can reduce your operating expenses and minimize environmental risk. Our complete array of waste-management equipment—for solids control, containment and handling, recycling and recovery, and treatment and disposal—deliver premium performance at any wellsite anywhere in the world.

Solids Control

Spiras’s Advanced Online Desanding (AOD) system, sets a new standard for sand management that’s safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective. AOD removes and cleans sand from live separators without causing undue process disturbance or production loss ready for safe overboard discharge.

Containment and Handling

We help you to maintain regulatory compliance and industry best practices with a complete selection of screw conveyors, tank-cleaning systems, containers, pit liners, and tanks.

Recycling and Recovery

We help you to shrink your operating costs and environmental impact. Using our drying-shaker and centrifugal-dryer systems, we help to reduce the amount of fluid retained on cuttings.

Treatment and Disposal

As part of our Engineered Fluids ManagementSM process, we identify the optimal disposal solution by analyzing fluid type, environmental restrictions, and waste streams.

Engineered Waste-Management Systems

When your needs go beyond standard systems, our global teams engineer custom waste-management solutions for any well site.

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